Black or Right

Maraj cover 5cLouis Maraj’s Black or Right is courageously ambitious, putting rhetoric and communications studies into direct conversation with theoretical black studies, gender studies, discourse analysis, and digital media theory in a way that achieves cross-fertilization and opens up new vistas of scholarship.                                                —R. A. Judy, author, Sentient Flesh                                                                                  Maraj’s Black Theoretical Sophistication takes my breath away. Too often, Black critical theory in the field is muted or outrightly dismissed. I salute Maraj for his decolonial refusal of these racialized writing practices. Black or Right is exactly what we need right now. The timing, theoretical lens, and prophetic wisdom are divine.
—Carmen Kynard, author, Vernacular Insurrections

It seems to me that this is precisely what Maraj has done in Black or Right—introduce invention into existence in a whole panoply of ways… I have learned so much from reading and engaging this text.
—Andrea Lunsford, Professor Emerita, Stanford University for Peitho

Also reviewed in: Quarterly Journal of Speech; Critical Studies in Media Communication; Writers: Craft and Context; Rhetoric, Politics & Culture